First Aid

Smartphone Apps:

The excellent St John Ambulance app First Aid for Cyclists available for iPhone or Android.

Report your exact location to emergency services using the what3words app.

Find your OS gride reference with the OS Locate app.

CPR presentation- for heart attacks

Steve Evans, a Paramedic and cyclist has created a first aid course which is aimed specifically at cyclists. He is distributing the course as widely as possible and at no charge. First aid is an issue that can often be overlooked and ignorance of even basic procedures can result in unnecessary trauma and serious situations becoming worse.

This part of the presentation deals with resuscitation and is essential viewing for dealing with a heart attack. CPR First Aid Course - Slideshow

Cycling First Aid Course - CPR.pps

Think you know how to do it? Then test yourself with this short online course from USA:

The full first aid course

This presentation deals mainly with road accidents. Cycling First Aid Course - Slideshow

If it’s an area that you haven’t looked at for a while – or even if you have – then the course is freely available to download and use.

Copyright of the presentation belongs to Steve but the course can be circulated and used freely by all cyclists and first aiders.

Cycling First Aid Course.pps

Other life threatening conditions

You should also know first aid for other health conditions such as stroke and epilepsy, as these can happen when out cycling. For more first aid advice see the St John Ambulance website. Some of our members have epilepsy - for guidance on how to recognise and deal with a full or partial seizure see First Aid for Seizures.

Emergency SMS

Pre-register your phone here and you will be able to send texts to 999 - useful when the phone signal is poor or you can't hear or speak freely.