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Email address: If you prefer to email rather than phoning, please use We will do our best to respond but there may be a few days delay.

Ride information: For general advice and details on all types of ride, please phone Steve Brazier. Tel: 07746 821781

Women-only rides: For more information on short Saturday morning introductory 5 miles to fabulous rides especially for women, please call Rona Wightman. Tel: 01727 836470

Wednesday evening rides: If you are interested in our Wednesday evening rides, please call Steve Brazier. Tel: 07746 821781

General Secretary: Steve Brazier. Tel: 07746 821781

Rides secretary: Carol Brazier. Tel: 07711 954753

Promotions and publicity: For matters to do with involvement at special events and publicity, please contact Richard Stubbs. Tel: 01727 834016

Web site: For comments or questions about this web site, please contact the webmasters, Carol and Steve Brazier Tel: 07711 954753

Treasurer: Graham Figg. Tel: 01707 256551